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Bone Anchored Hearing System

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  • Sound bypasses outer and middle ear problems

  • No visible hearing aids to be worn

  • Uses your inner ear's natural hearing ability

About this Type:

All bone anchored hearing systems consist of a small implant that is surgically placed in the skull bone just behind your ear and a sound processor that attaches to a skin-penetrating abutment (connector) on the implant. The sound processor captures sound in much the same way as a conventional hearing aid. However, instead of sound transmission through the ear canal via air conduction, it transforms the sound into vibrations that are transmitted through your bone via the implant and directly into the cochlea in the inner ear. In this way, bone anchored hearing uses the body’s natural ability to conduct sound.

A bone conduction hearing system can be a good solution if your hearing loss is due to problems in your outer or middle ear. This is because it bypasses these parts of the ear and transmits sound directly into your inner ear. This can be highly beneficial if you suffer from conductive or mixed hearing loss. A bone anchored solution can also be beneficial for those with a profound hearing loss in one ear also known as single-sided deafness.

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